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COMSOL Day: Corrosion & Electrodeposition
21. OCT 2021 | Online

Event Information COMSOL: "Corrosion is an age-old problem that is now being effectively contained and prevented due to the advent of simulating the participating electrochemical reactions that occur and transport processes that affect them. The same principles can be used to simulate, design, and optimize industrial electrodeposition processes."

COMSOL Day: "Corrosion and Electrodeposition will introduce you to new strategies in fighting corrosion and augmenting electrodeposition applications through mathematical modeling. The day will involve a series of invited speakers from industry and research organizations reporting on their experiences simulating corrosion, as well as parallel sessions involving presentations and demonstrations of the COMSOL Multiphysics® software by COMSOL technical staff."

Dr. Eichler will present results of the topic: "Stray-Current-Induced Corrosion in Cathodic Protection Installations of Steel-Reinforced Concrete Structures: FEM Study of the Critical Parameters"

ABSTRACT: A wide range of parameters was investigated by numerical calculations concerning their impact on the DC stray current corrosion of reinforced concrete (RC) structures. A simplified model geometry was used to extract the relevant parameters and their interaction in terms of stray-current‐affected structures. This study mainly focuses on RC structures that are fitted with cathodic protection installations. The findings reveal a complex interaction between the investigated parameters. The possible relevance of further parameters, which is not the subject of this study, was emphasized.

Information about partcibtion at COMCOL Day can be found on the weblink below.

21. OCT 2021
Dr. Thorsten Eichler