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Stray current-induced corrosion in CP installations [...]
Mar 2020 | Materials & Corrosion

"Stray current-induced corrosion in cathodic protection installations of steel-reinforced concrete structures: FEM study of the critical parameters", Thorsten Eichler & Bernd Isecke in Materials and Corrosion, Volume 71, Issue 5, Pages 738-748, First published: 04.03.2020

ABSTRACT: A wide range of parameters was investigated by numerical calculations concerning their impact on DC stray current corrosion of reinforced concrete (RC) structures. A simplified model geometry was used to extract the relevant parameters and their interaction in terms of stray current-affected structures. This study mainly focuses on RC structures that are fitted with cathodic protection installations. The findings reveal a complex interaction between the investigated parameters. The possible relevance of further parameters, which is not the subject of this study, was emphasised.

Mar 2020
Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH, Weinheim
Thorsten Eichler, Bernd Isecke