We offer services on all issues related to corrosion and corrosion protection.  Our business activities cover:

At the design stage:

  • Analysis of problem areas.
  • Recommendations for corrosion protection measures, e.g. materials selection, component geometry, coatings and electrochemical protection measures.

With respect to practical corrosion protection issues:

  • The assessment of existing corrosion protection measures and development of appropriate additional corrosion protection concepts.
  • Evaluation of failure risks and damage outcomes in cases of inadequate corrosion protection.
  • Assessment and evaluation of electrochemical corrosion protection measures.


We offer tailored solutions for the planning of corrosion protection measures in support of complex, multi-disciplinary projects such as the rehabilitation of structures.

Our planning aids include:

  • Design of cathodic protection (CP) for atmospherically exposed steel reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, plus conventional CP for construction and plant applications.
  • Planning and design of corrosion protection measures for civil engineering applications.



In many cases corrosion protection measures are not required until the structure displays a certain level of damage.  For assessing the progress of corrosion and condition of the structure as a whole or individual components, monitoring systems are available which can deliver invaluable information on corrosion behavior and the progress of degradation.

We can provide expert support on:

  • Development of monitoring concepts.
  • Selection of appropriate sensors for specific applications.  
  • Interpretation and assessment of data.


Corrosion failures result from a complex interaction between materials and specific environments.

We analyze corrosion failures and corrosive attack and provide advice on rehabilitation measures and prevention strategies.

We are able to assist you in planning corrosion protection measures to prevent future failures during service.

We have extensive experience in the provision of advisory services, research and development of materials and corrosion protection measures. We also maintain membership and active collaboration in numerous technical and standards committees.

The appropriate selection of protection measures is not only an effective cost-saving measure but can help eliminate future costs associated with the maintenance and downtime of equipment and the replacement of damaged plant and components.


The settlement of claims in cases of corrosion related damage to industrial and civil structures can result in excessive disruption and very high levels of expenditure.

In many cases, the reasons for failure and allocation of responsibility are difficult to resolve between the various parties.

Our mediation service is a structured process for the constructive settlement of disputes.

Through joint agreement between parties, the high fees and lengthy delays associated with legal intervention can be avoided.

Mediation offers a simple, transparent and flexible procedure for solving disputes, with an associated reduction in costs.